Ieva Kygienė Director of SERMĖGA UAB Born on 31 July, 1964 in Lithuania, Šiauliai district, Giriškių village.

Mother instilled the love and the beauty of the attire. Ieva remembers when her mother with antique Singer pedal sewing machine sewed dresses, for brothers – pants, jackets and so gave children the great joy.

 After graduating from Kuršėnai secondary school in 1982, she went to learn the craft of a dressmaker to Klaipėda. In 1986 graduated with honors and was assigned to work in Šiauliai as a seamstress and sewed coats for women. Quickly mastered the art of sewing, cutting and went on studying design methodology to Vilnius. Later, in 1993, she shared her knowledge and experience with future young seamstress at Kuršėnai Polytechnic school. Working as a trainer and teaching children craft of sewing, continued her studies at Kaunas University of Technology in clothing design and technology. In 2001 graduated her studies and obtained a master’s degree in industrial engineering. Today she adapts her skills in practice.

      Ieva founded the sewing company and named it “SERMĖGA” in 2005. She has been running her business since then until now.

This name is derived from the ancient Lithuanian folk garment – Sermėga.  Sermėga (jermėkas, overcoat) – top women’s and men’s winter clothing, sewn of homemade woven fabric homespun (wool). Sermėga was modeled flared out down, to the knees and longer, tight at the waist, decorated with black velvet, fur or dark material.